This years members look to keep bringing the sport and opportunities it provides to our community. Whether you’re new to the club, just checking things out, or you’re a seasoned vet, We strive to make the club your second family!

kyle mcqaig is our presidente and we are honored he stood up for the position. going into his 2nd year as prez, he does a great job humbling our club, keeping us on the straight and narrow, and making sure we hold ourselves accountable. we are happy to have kyle at the helm, and appreciate his fearless leadership

teddy tooke took our hearts when he became vp. no cap. but seriously, teddy puts his heart into everything he does for this club, and is always looking for ways to make things happen for us. you can spot this years mvp at the clubhouse with the cleanest kicks in the valley, or laying people out on the field. 

mike weisse is our social events expert. without his efforts, sasquatch would be a solid flop every year, and he does this all while making sure our bank accounts aren't dried up supplying our beer fridge with peach nudes. mike has been a mainstay on our executive board for a minute, wearing many hats over the years, and for as long as he decides to put up with us, he will always wear those hats well 

luca is our resident italian stallion and has been working tirelessly as our clubs secretary for longer than anyone knows at this point. without luca, we'd be handing out hand written flyers, our meetings would have no structure, our records would be hearsay. he is also part of the og alumni, so fix your face and be careful not to gesture your hands recklessly when you address him 

stephen is another alumni from the og set, and is a behind the scenes kind of guy, which is for the best because he's a stud and would steal your girl, no effort. without his contributions, our c-can would be empty, the beer at the clubhouse would be warm, and we'd just fall apart in general

angela has been a welcome addition to our executive board as well as our women's division, while heading into her 2nd year as clubhouse manager. she means business when it comes to hosting our visitors or club functions and it's a crime we don't charge cover to get in. angela has set everyone straight on maintaining our home base, while keeping the ruggers well fed, and we love her for it.

when derek isn't busy propping for our men's division, you can spot this red bearded rugger teaching our little buggers out on the field. derek will often tell parents that coaching mini rugby players is like herding cats, but despite the trials and tribulations, he has really found his niche imparting his wisdom (if you believe a prop can be wise) and knowledge to the next generation of crusaders

hey chilliwack! it's me! i work on the administrative side of the Youth program. I also take care of our website, and photograph our games (honorable shout-out to Reba Rowe who is also our photographer!). I'm easily found being a loner on the sidelines because approaching people makes me feel like I'm swallowing my tongue, as I fumble around with my inside voice outdoors, but I'm honored to put the work in for a club that accepts me regardless of my quirks. My goals for this year are to work on creating our feeder programs as well as increasing our youth advertising. maybe i'll even make some developments in being talkative outside of my regular parent emails and messaging I don't have to write a lame bio like this, but im also indigenous, so consider myself the seasoning of the group.

Rebecca, I mean Nadine, is a major force to be reckoned with, just kidding she's actually really nice! Just make sure you learn to tell her and becca apart. She aims to continue recruiting to our women's division and expanding our exposure in the valley. The Women's division has really made a name for themselves and have made an awesome space for anyone interested in trying their hand out at rugby. With Nadine as your first point of contact, you can rest assured you're in good hands, and with the support of her teammates, Crusader Women's div will quickly make you feel like you've always been apart of the team!

clancy annett secures his first title on the executive board this season,  as well as this year's most improved award, even though clancy  already improves our lives daily. you might be swayed by his glorious mane of hair, or his winning grin, but don't doubt his abilities to crush it for the men's division. He won't submit gamesheets, The gamesheets will sumbit themselves on his behalf. The one singular time a ref tried to call a penalty on us, he saw Clancy and then gave himself a red card, and when the pandemic hit, covid quickly developed a vaccine to protect itself from clancy. 

We welcome Taylor Veorword into her first year on the executive board as fundraiser! With her giant dog Groot by her side, you would definitely feel inclined to donate to our various causes and fundraising events in turn for Groots provided protection. Seriously though, he is a heckin' big boi, don't mess with him..or Taylor. 

Stephanie Dekker is the luigi to Taylor's mario, the thelma to her louise...the garth to her wayne...i don't know what I'm writing anymore. These two will join forces to fundraise this club out of the red! We aren't actually in the red, but we make due, and between these two, we are certain that moving forward, we will be able to continue providing multiple beer choices at the clubhouse...oh and team building and bonding and all that stuff too!